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Entry #43

Elite Gurad Supreme Commander! (+ other stuff)

2010-09-22 14:40:06 by Sir-Nuts

Today I became an Elite Guard Supreme Commander! After months of making a push towards it, I finally reached it earlier this afternoon. Yay*! =)

I wasn't really expecting to reach it today. My original plans were to reach it in a couple of days, since September 24th is my account anniversary. I thought it would be a great coincidence, but I B/Ped a little more than I should have, so I kinda busted the limits. Heh. :P

Anyway, FINALLY. My B/P pace should start dropping soon. I have a lot of stuff to do IRL, so I don't have much leisure time anymore. I think I'll start posting more on the BBS and "explore" more places on NG other than just focusing on the Flash Portal.

This should be fun. ^^

I'll attend some great concerts on the following days. Today, I'll be seeing Scorpions on their supposedly "farewell tour". It's an unique chance, despite not being the most avid fan of the band, they have some great songs and it should be worth going. I mean, EVERYONE WANTS TO HEAR STILL LOVING YOU, RIGHT?

Also, Green Day is playing here on October 17th. It should be a great concert as well, from a band that I've been listening to for a pretty long while. And I might go to a Millencolin concert in November, but it's on another city and I'd probably have to go alone, so I still have to negotiate that with my parents. :)

I'm getting more and more tired everyday. Now, not only I have classes in the morning everyday, but on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, I also have classes in the afternoon. On those days, I leave home at about 6:40am only to return 13 hours later. Sucks, but it should be worth it. :/


Elite Gurad Supreme Commander! (+ other stuff)


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2010-09-22 19:58:09

Congrats bro! I'll join you in a few months I hope. :D

Sir-Nuts responds:

Thanks. It's a tough, sometimes boring road, just don't let it take over your life. Let it happen, don't make it happen. ^^


2010-09-23 09:31:33

Toke you long enough ... =P

Sir-Nuts responds:

Ah, what now... =P

See, I've always said ''ON THE 24TH!!'', but I couldn't even get that one right. What a blasphemy. :(


2010-09-28 17:28:52

congrats so very much man


2010-10-01 14:09:12

Parabeeens cara!

Congrats, dude... :D


2010-10-01 14:13:15

Dude, I was reading your post, and did you go to the Scorpions show?? Awesome!! My parents went to it too, but it was in Curitiba, they were in front of Klaus.

Tava falando com vc em ingles... ^^ acostuma...


2010-11-15 15:41:19



2010-11-15 15:41:32

nah jk conGRAT s


2010-11-15 15:41:53



2010-11-21 11:25:46

grats on old news.


2010-12-03 19:02:25

I managed to time it perfectly so that I got 2,000 saves at the same time that I got 1,337 blams. That made my day better that day.


2011-07-17 20:29:16

Congrats yo


2011-07-29 07:59:48

conglaturations (reference please get it i'm not retarded)


2011-08-31 21:53:22

Sexy. :3


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